Pricing for Evaluation Services

(3 day)
Next DaySame Day
(Request must be submitted by 1pm)
Academic Evaluations$85$140$175
In-House Work Experience Evaluations$235$295$350
Expert Opinion LettersBeginning at $525
(Fees will vary)
Certified TranslationsPlease submit documents for price quote

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Please note: Same day requests for academic evaluations and in-house work experience evaluations must be received before 1PM Eastern time. Additionally, be aware that processing times can vary for expert opinion letters and certified translations. These requests are reviewed as soon as possible to determine feasibility, rates, and turnaround times. Rates may increase for expedited service, for expert opinion letters and certified translations, but same day service is generally not available for these services. Discounts are available when more than one expert opinion letter is required for a case. Send us your documents for a free price quote.