About Us

Morningside was founded in early 2000 by three New York City graduate students with a passion for education and intercultural exchange. Since our founding, Morningside has sought to shorten and simplify the immigration application process by providing fast, high quality evaluations of foreign academic and professional credentials. Over the years, Morningside has grown from a tiny apartment in Morningside Heights to become the country’s leading provider of academic evaluations for employment-based immigration visa petitions.

Morningside has distinguished itself as an innovator in the evaluations industry. Our ability to adapt to our clients’ specific needs, through the use of proprietary technology and refined research methods, has enabled us to streamline the evaluation process while retaining individual project care.

Whether you need a straightforward evaluation of academic credentials or a customized industry-specific expert opinion letter, Morningside’s expert evaluators take the time to understand your needs and preferences, and to deliver results that help you meet your goals.

Our extensive experience has allowed us to create new standards for ourselves and for the industry. We closely monitor immigration regulations to ensure our services reflect the most current standards and requirements. Our tireless work ethic and dedication to quality have made us the top choice for immigration law firms, corporations, and individuals alike.

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