Our Research Methods

Morningside’s reputation for quality is built upon the advanced research methods we apply to each and every evaluation report that we produce. In reviewing a candidate’s educational and professional credentials, Morningside’s experienced evaluators consult a wide range of higher education resources, including university publications, contacts at foreign institutions, advisories from foreign academic and professional societies, and third-party resources like PIER workshops and the AACRAO Edge database. Morningside also consults with a broad network of university professors and industry experts in order to assess the proper US academic equivalency for a candidate’s professional work experience, and to conduct determinations of specialty occupation, specialized knowledge, business necessity, and extraordinary ability.

Our driving goal is to provide clients with the most accurate US equivalencies for their foreign academic and professional credentials, and to do so in a way that facilitates our clients’ entry into the US workforce, higher education, and professional associations. Fine-tuned over more than fifteen years of business in the evaluations industry, our robust research methods serve as the foundation upon which our institutional acceptance is built. Send us your request today to receive the most accurate assessment in the industry.

Quality Assurance

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    Academic Evaluations

    Our academic evaluations assess foreign academic credentials to determine their equivalency in the United States.

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    Work Experience Evaluations

    Using standards laid out by USCIS, our work experience evaluations pair relevant professional experience with academic coursework to determine a US degree equivalency.

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    Expert Opinion Letters

    With an experienced network of university professors and industry experts, Morningside can complete expert opinion letters in a wide range of fields and for a variety of immigration-related purposes.

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    Certified Translations

    Morningside maintains an extensive network of experienced linguists specializing in certified translations for immigration applications.

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