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Academic Evaluations

Morningside’s academic evaluations assess foreign academic credentials to determine their equivalency in the United States. Each evaluation includes essential information required by USCIS, such as the name and location of the institution, the degree earned, and the date of qualification. Upon request, specific coursework completed by a candidate can also be referenced in an evaluation report. Morningside can recognize equivalencies that range from high school diplomas to Doctor of Philosophy degrees. Multiple university degrees for the same candidate can typically be included in a single evaluation report.

Morningside can also provide detailed evaluations in response to queries from USCIS about a beneficiary’s academic credentials. We have assisted our clients in handling complex issues related to college entry requirements, laddering systems, accreditation, and advanced standing, and can help clients resolve misinterpretations of data in the AACRAO Edge database by USCIS. Upon request, Morningside can state whether our own assessment corresponds with the information in the AACRAO Edge database.

Other Services

Work Experience Evaluations

Using standards laid out by USCIS, our work experience evaluations pair relevant professional experience with academic coursework to determine a US degree equivalency.

Expert Opinion Letters

With an experienced network of university professors and industry experts, Morningside can complete expert opinion letters in a wide range of fields and for a variety of immigration-related purposes.

Certified Translations

Morningside maintains an extensive network of experienced linguists specializing in certified translations for immigration applications.