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Expert Opinion Letters

Expert opinion letters can be an essential part of an immigration application. With an experienced network of university professors and industry experts, Morningside can complete expert opinion letters in a wide range of fields and for a variety of immigration-related purposes, including initial visa petitions, responses to requests for evidence (RFEs), denial appeals, and audit responses. Morningside’s case managers are always available to work with you to determine the type of expert opinion letter you need for your case, and we can always provide free preliminary assessments. Morningside is also willing to discuss your case with you at length because we are committed to helping our clients win their cases.

Morningside has worked with more than 1,000 experts who serve as professors at some of the top universities in the United States. With professors available in a wide range of academic disciplines, each letter will be signed by an expert in the candidate’s same area of specialty.

Find out more about our expert opinion letters:

Work experience evaluations in the fields of business and computers can be completed either in-house by Morningside’s resident professors or by outside experts, depending on the client’s preference and on the particular requirements of the case. Work experience evaluations in fields outside of business and computers are completed by outside experts in the field of the candidate’s specialty. Each professor we work with is qualified to determine whether a candidate’s experience in the field is sufficiently advanced to be considered equivalent to university-level training. In line with standards established by USCIS, our experts can recognize US degree equivalencies based upon work experience even in cases where a candidate possesses no formal academic training.
The primary purpose of a specialty occupation letter is to determine whether a particular position qualifies as a specialty occupation in connection with an immigration petition. Such letters provide a detailed explanation of the educational background necessary to perform a position’s specialized duties. When performing an evaluation of a professional position, our experts analyze the nature of the company and its industry, the position in the context of the company, and the background required for the position as determined by the industry. Taking into consideration the job duties required of the candidate, a specialty occupation letter clearly demonstrates that the proffered position is a specialty occupation requiring expertise in a particular field. Depending on the specific requirements of a case, specialty occupation letters can also be crafted to explain why a candidate’s particular background is relevant to the position at hand.
Petitions for O-1 and EB-1 Extraordinary Ability visas are strengthened by expert opinion letters which attest to a candidate’s special expertise in the field, and qualify the candidate as an individual with extraordinary ability as defined by USCIS. Taking into account the candidate’s education, professional experience, awards, publications, and a variety of other factors, our experts have the ability to speak to a candidate’s status as an individual of extraordinary ability. Such expert opinion letters are thoroughly detailed, thereby clarifying the reasoning behind the determination of extraordinary ability.
Morningside’s experts are skilled in providing determinations of business necessity in response to PERM audits from the Department of Labor. These expert opinion letters explain in detail why the responsibilities associated with a position require a potential applicant to possess a specific educational and/or professional background as a matter of business necessity.
Our experts often provide letters in support of L-1A and EB-1 applications, where the petitioner must show that a particular position is managerial or executive in nature. Taking into account the relevant definitions from USCIS, these expert opinion letters analyze the petitioner’s corporate structure and the position’s particular responsibilities in order to support a managerial or executive classification for the position.

Morningside’s experts are experienced in providing determinations of specialized knowledge in support of L-1B petitions. These expert opinion letters offer an in-depth analysis of a company’s operations and services in order to demonstrate the specialized knowledge required of a particular position. Our experts are also happy to analyze a candidate’s academic and professional background in order to demonstrate that the candidate possesses the specialized knowledge required for the position.

Morningside has more than fifteen years of experience delivering expert opinion letters for a wide variety of purposes. Please feel free to contact us if you require an expert opinion letter in a category that is not listed above. Morningside is always happy to provide free preliminary assessments for cases involving expert opinion letters.

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With an experienced network of university professors and industry experts, Morningside can complete expert opinion letters in a wide range of fields and for a variety of immigration-related purposes.

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